Electric towel warmer makes life more warm

Nowadays, popular bathroom designs not only have bathing functions, but are also spaces where people can relax. So you can see all kinds of bathroom styles. Where you’re looking for a warm, soft, fluffy towel after a shower, or wanting to create a spa-like atmosphere at home,heated towel racks is a great addition for anyone.

A few years ago, heated towel racks not common in ordinary homes, but in the houses of wealthy people they were considered a symbol of luxury. Now, advances in technology and design are making them more commonplace.

You may be completing a full bathroom renovation or upgrading a suite area, in which case the Topdattion electric towel rack will be your best choice.

Modern super thin 304 stainless steel material with silver mirror finish and laser welded without any sharp edges, also IP 44 class 1 waterproof rating. Fast Heating and Prevention of Overheating: Built-in Temperature Control feature with 110V, 100W fast heating to reach the designated temperature quickly and prevention of towels from smelling bad. LED Display Panel with 5 level Constant Heating and 24 level Timer. Left or Right Outlet with Hard Wired or Plug In options.

Topdattion heated towel racks are widely used in luxury villas and apartments, hotels, spas and can prefectly match various bathroom styles.

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