Make small changes in the bathroom to boost well-being

Make small changes in the bathroom to boost well-being

As the main product of home decoration, any bathroom without a heated towel rack is incomplete. Once you enjoy the warm life brought by the heated towel rack, you will know how happy it is to have a bathroom with a heated towel rack.

There’s nothing more satisfying than wrapping yourself in a warm towel after a shower, especially during the colder months. It not only makes you feel comfortable, but it also keeps your towel warmer and more plush, which should be reason enough to invest in improving your bathroom.

The stylishly designed electric towel rack is an absolute must for any bathroom. With its ultra-thin modern design, TOPDATTION offers a choice of mirror-polished and brushed surfaces to match any bathroom style, whether your space is modern, traditional or minimalist.

The bathroom is a relatively humid environment space, which creates the perfect conditions for the growth of mold, resulting in used wet towels being susceptible to mold. There may be an astounding number of bacteria lurking on used bath towels. Reports have shown that a towel can accommodate up to 650 million bacteria after one week of use, including some harmful bacteria that can cause infection or even pneumonia. In order to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, towels need to be completely dried after each use, which is something that heated towel racks do very well. Heated towel racks are designed specifically for drying towels and the heat they generate can kill bacteria and slow their growth by up to 90% between uses. Installing a heated towel rack keeps towels dry and fresh and helps.

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