Master these two schemes before installing the electric towel rack


We all know that electric towel rack can fast heating to reach the designated temperature quickly and prevention of towels from smelling bad, effectively kill bacteria. But for those who buy it for the first time, in addition to understanding the functions when purchasing, you also need to understand the knowledge of installation, so that you can pretend to be the effect you want.


If you just bought a heated towel rail, what should you do? Now for everyone to answer the installation options of the electric towel rack .Topdattion brand Electric Towel Warmer have two Installation options, Left or Right Outlet with Hard Wired or Plug In options.

Plan A :Hardwired installation(Suitable to be carried out before the house decoration)

If the house is not renovated or in the process of renovation,it is recommended to use the hardwired installation method.The wire is preset in the wall,which is more beautiful and safe.

The hardwired installation requires the power cord to be preset in the wall in advance, and a wall switch can be used to control the power supply. This installation looks very beautiful and elegant, and is adopted by many luxurious hotel and villas.

Plan B: Plug-in Installation(Suitable for renovated houses)

For the already decorated house, in order not to damage the beauty of the wall, we need to add clear line installation, which only requires one power outlet. We can also use the existing hair dryer outlet. And in order to take care of different fixed installation positions, TOPDATION electric towel warmer products are designed with power interface on both sides, you can choose a more suitable direction according to the actual situation.

We now know how to install an electric towel rack that makes the home space look beautiful. Topdattion product designers start from the user’s perspective and design various installation solutions for the product. will be able to provide customers with more convenient and efficient usage than ever before! With more than 15 years manufacturing experience, the product will last long enough for customers to enjoy its warmth over many uses!

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