Why do we need electric towel rack

Electric towel rack features: why do we need it?

So, Do you know why we need an electric towel warmer?

Of course you need one, because winter days are long and cold, while summer days can also bring rain, so it’s necessary to use an electric towel warmer! There are also some small details that we need to answer about electric towel warmers, so let’s answer the question of their purpose from all angles!


Household appliances are most valued for their usefulness in helping to solve various life problems, reducing the time spent and relieving various pressures, while also improving our quality of life and experiencing more happiness.

There are two main types of heating towel rails on the market: electric water heating and carbon fiber heating. Through continuous research and development, today’s heated towel rails are not only powerful in function, but also outstanding in design. Even more importantly, they have an extended warranty period, which is simply wonderful!

Drying towels

After testing, the bacteria attached to the towel will grow at a speed of several million times with the increase of days, which will accumulate over time and damage the health of the skin. More importantly, various viruses will invade. Just thinking about it is a little scary.

The electric towel warmer is the easy solution to this problem.

Our most familiar towel drying function, it takes only two hours to easily get rid of, using four hours to achieve sterilization 99% effect, when the clean and comfortable towel, let our skin white and healthy!

Baby and Adult Clothing

When we have a cute baby member in our family, the number of clothing items they need will be greater than usual. We can put the baby’s clothes on a heated towel rack so they can use warm, soft and gentle clothing that makes mom more at ease.

Besides baby clothes, our adult clothes can also be dried together, intimate care for the health of family members.


If you hang the blanket you want to use on a heated towel rack, it will also make the blanket soft and comfortable!

decorate bathroom

A stylishly designed electric towel warmer can add to the beauty of your bathroom.Topdattion 2022 new collection for blade thin square , adopts high-grade 304 stainless steel material, surface polishing treatment, combined with LED display panel, more convenient to adjust the temperature and set the start / stop time.


A good  electric towel warmer can not only get the consumer’s trust, but also its outstanding function! For example,TOPDATTION Electric Towel Warmer, Modern Blade Thin Square design.Fast Heating and Prevention of Overheating: Built-in Temperature Control feature with 110V, 100W fast heating to reach the designated temperature quickly and prevention of towels from smelling bad.

After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than coming home to a hot shower and warm towel! With this feature, you can easily adjust the time and temperature to suit your needs. Adjust the temperature and timer to your liking. 25 levels of timer control. Always On, 1-24 hours On.5 levels of temperature control. Let you fall in love with this heated towel rail instantly!


The electric towel warmer preserves the towels by heating them up to an ideal temperature and evenly distributes temperature through the tubes, so you can get ready for work in a jiffy.


With the electric towel warmer, customers can have hot towels waiting for next showering night. The UL certified wires will ensure that they last long enough so every single one of them is worth it!

Splash Protection

The electric towel warmer has an IP44 rating, making it suitable for use in any room with limited access to water and splash protection.

Anti-Scratch Hand

Made of 304 stainless steel and it has an anti-scratch hand design. It won’t hurt children or pets when using this product, so customers can be sure that it’s safe to use around them!

 Installation Options

Left or Right Outlet with Hard Wired or Plug In options!

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